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Melissa Gollan first started drawing and painting while in her early teens.  In 1988 she was accepted into an Art's Excellence Program in Brisbane, and held her first successful Solo Exhibition in Teneriffe in 1999.

Melissa has now been painting and designing periodically for about 19 years, completing works for both private commissions and commercial clients.  

The last few years has seen Melissa explore further the collation between creativity and wellness, and most recently she has complete preliminary studies in Art Therapy. "With a history also across health and wellness, the mind and body relationship has always fascinated me.  The benefits of exploring creative arts are clinically proven and can be explored in many ways.  It is my aim to not only continue creating works, but to also support and promote the arts to the broader communities."

Exhibiting locally for 3 months with the launch of 'Little Mali's' art space, saw her 'sell out' all works and acquire several new commissions in the beautiful location of Rainbow Bay. 

In 2015 Melissa invited to showcase as the feature artist at Sydney Children's Hospital, Winter Arts Exhibition, showcasing 33 Artworks over 3 months.

Melissa has been the proud recipient, awarded 1st Prize in Category 1 - Open 2D division in August 2013 at the Annual Nudgee College Art Festival 'Dimensions NC,' and was invited back to exhibit again to successfully exhibit in August 2014.

She has successfully exhibited at RED HILL GALLERY in Brisbane, as part of the galleries annual 'Women of Substance' exhibition in 2013, and has also held successful sales through DAVID HART GALLERIES located, on Queensland's Sunshine Coast.

When painting, Melissa has enjoyed primarily working with acrylics and various mixed media covering a broad subject matter in many varied styles. Melissa creative eye lends herself to working also on some fabulous bespoke concept designs, event styling and sculptural pieces in other various mediums.

Melissa said, "with several trips visiting many galleries throughout London and Europe, I have returned to find myself exploring the use of a much bolder colour palette for these latest exhibits.  I truly like to create thought provoking emotions in my work by tapping into memories or my own and stories of others.  I also enjoy the challenge of pushing boundaries to create new  images and explore ideas that can then be translated onto canvas to create new and exciting imagary.   A gentleman at a recent showing commented that he felt a word that summed up my 'Imagination Series,' was in fact "WONDERMENT. Why - you may ask? Because with every piece he looked into, he found himself wondering what each of the figures in these works might be thinking.   It is precisely this feedback that drives me to want to create more thought provoking artworks that people can hopefully relate to. "

Her insight and experience working with such a diverse client base and with other designers on various collaborative projects, has also given her the versatility and experience to be able to work with her clients in designing and creating pieces to complement their chosen space.

Melissa continues to work on private commission's, she has developed and manages an online ecommerce gallery selling prints and art gifts from her latest exhibition.  She also works with private clients for themed creative events and is enjoying the ongoing learning associated with Creative Therapies. "The power of sustaining balance and healing through such mindful based activities tp promote longevity in both our mind and body is something we can all benefit from in todays world," Melissa concluded.

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